December 31, 2010: The End of the Aughts

The first decade of the new millennium draws to a close tonight.  Hard to believe that another decade has come and gone.  This one flew by like crazy.  So much to remember.  This has truly been an eventful ten years.  Today, being New Year’s Eve, really snuck up on me.  Even during the day today I kept forgetting what day it was.  New Year’s has become so unimportant that I don’t really even think about it at all anymore.

I wonder if my devil may care attitude about holidays and special days is a product of my age or just a part of who I am?  Will my lack of acknowledgment for holidays make Liesl not really realize that they even exist or will she, like a normal child, be thoughtful of them and excited about them?  Since we will be homeschooling her, I assume that my nonchalance will be passed on one way or another.

We did nothing special for the holiday.  Nothing at all.  Probably as it should be.

Happy New Years, everyone, and this closes out the first decade of SGL.  I have now been blogging for ten years, since I started in two thousand.  It seems unbelievable that I have been writing this blog for nearly a third of my life and an entire decade.  It didn’t even occur to me until I was writing this paragraph that this was the case.  It seems almost impossible.  In so many ways it feels like I have just started.  It is still something “new” that I am doing.  I guess not.

Well, see you next year and next decade.  Happy 2011.

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