January 10, 2011: A Portenous Day

This morning Dominica got up before me and said that the water was not working.  It is below freezing outside tonight but it’s nowhere near the temperature where you talk about pipes freezing so it doesn’t seem like that could be the issue.  Definitely worrisome that there is no water.  So, after just a few minutes, I get up and when I try the water, all is fine.  No issues at all.  We decided that as Dominica was very, very sleepy that she had turned the handle on the faucet incorrectly and was too tired to realize it.  We think nothing more of it, fools that we are.

It is Monday and into work I go.  Not a very exciting day.  Very little to report.  Brian and I went over to Panera Bread at lunch to have a quick meeting and to eat, of course.

After work, Jen and I went to Panera Bread as well.  We ended up talking for about two hours.  It was a good use of time, though.  Liesl didn’t get up from her nap until late.  We had hot chocolate instead of coffee.

Got home.  Dominica made dinner and we ate at home and watched Battlestar Galactica.  We are totally addicted to it now.

Before going to bed, Liesl decided that she wanted a bath.  A bath at midnight.  It helps to keep her calm and makes going to bed easier, though, so we were okay with it.  Her bath will become significant later as we used water in quantity at midnight.

After Liesl went to bed, Dominica and I stayed up until two in the morning watching the new Battlestar Galactica. You know that we are addicted to a new series when we start staying up really late to watch it.  We are really bad about that.

The more that we watch shows in our bedroom the more anxious we are getting to find a loveseat to go in there.  It is really uncomfortable sitting in bed trying to watch things, especially when we want to eat and Oreo and Liesl are climbing all over us.  We hope to get a cheap loveseat for our bedroom sometime relatively soon.

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