January 9, 2011: Baby People

Finally Dominica, Liesl and I have a quiet day with nothing going on whatsoever at the house.  We have no plans today at all.

We did more work around the house.  We have been going through all of the remaining boxes over the past few days to make sure that we know where everything is and have a place to put everything.  We are attempting to identify all of the boxes of books and to make sure that that is all that is really in there.  There are so many book boxes, it is crazy.  We have nowhere to stage them while we wait to do the work in the garage so that they will have a final home.

At the moment, all of the boxes of books are just piling up in front of the den area where they await a new disposition.  It is very inconvenient to have them there but we are not really sure what else to do in the mean time.  The garage can’t be done soon enough.  Suddenly we will have all kinds of extra space in the house.  We can’t wait.

We relaxed, we ate at home.  We watched a lot of “baby people” as Liesl calls them – the Fisher Price videos of Little People. This is Liesl’s new favourite show.  She just loves watching it over and over.  We bought these two Little People DVDs at Walmart in Geneseo while we were at home.  We weren’t looking for them, I just saw them on a shelf while we were shopping for something else.  What an awesome buy they have turned out to be!

Liesl loves using the term “baby” instead of “little”.  It is very funny.

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