January 20, 2011: Multiple Offers

We are waiting to hear about the offer than we put in on the house next door last night.  We didn’t hear anything this morning until lunch time when, while I was at home having just arrived, our agent called to let us know that we were currently one of two offers in on the house and that offers are only being entertained until eleven in the morning tomorrow.  So one way or another we will know if we got the house at that point.

While we were discussing the house, there were people outside looking at the house as well.  Demand is suddenly picking up now that we are trying to buy it ourselves.  Our only hope is that the other people don’t have good financing, aren’t prepared to wait through a foreclosure sale process or just don’t put in an offer as good as ours is.  We did up our offer to our “best offer” and can only hope for the best from here.  Nothing more to be done until we find out about it tomorrow.

Finding out that we are competing for the house certainly took some of the wind out of our sales.  There is a very good chance that someone will outbid us.  We are not making an extremely good offer and with other offers on the table ours is probably not going to be high enough.  The house has been there for months and months without an offer.  It is awful that we missed being the first one in by a few hours.  Again, I’m not happy with how long it takes to do things in Texas.  But we are treating this as a business decision.  We worked out the numbers that make sense for us and if we can’t get the house for that price, we don’t get it.  It’s that simple.

So now we wait.  It isn’t that long, at least.  And the people that I met looking at the house today seemed really nice.  But I doubt that they have enough time to get an offer in before the decision is made tomorrow.

After work I went over to La Cima for happy hour.  They have a guitar player playing in the lounge today and they wanted to wrangle up people to check it out.  It was really nice.  They normally have live piano in the restaurant but nothing in the lounge.  Having live guitar is a nice addition.  Hopefully they keep this up.

On my way home I swung by Ruchi Palace on Trinity Mills to pick up dinner.  Both Dominica and I were craving it after having it two nights ago.

We didn’t do too much tonight.  Ate dinner, hung out with Liesl, went to bed early.  We are all pretty tired.  I took the trash out and put it by the curb.  After our pick up tomorrow we should be finally caught up for the first time after having moved in to the new house.  We generated so much trash in the move that we are just now catching up with us putting out the maximum amount every week.

My early morning call was canceled for tomorrow so it is a normal work day morning for me.

Today was Liesl’s second day of “home school pre-school.”  Dominica has a ton of activities planned out and has been posting pictures to Flickr of Liesl’s progress.  Liesl is enjoying it too.  It is interactive time and she enjoys learning.  I ask her, when I get home, if she had fun at school today and she says “yes”.

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