January 21, 2011: No Word Yet

It is a very cold morning again today in Texas.  This whole week has been quite cold.

I came out into the living room this morning and ever since Dominica took down Liesl’s play hut thing that has dominated the living room the whole space seems so much nicer.  Instead of the “den” being all dark and full of stuff it is not bright and open and most of the stuff in it is pushed out of main view.  The whole public area of the house seems nicer now.  Dominica commented to the same effect last night.

This morning we are waiting to hear about the house although, now that it has gone into a protracted “wait for the bid to be selected” stage we have mostly written it off.  We are assuming that we are not getting it and probably won’t hear about it too promptly.  There were more people out looking at the house this morning.  It has garnered a lot of interest, suddenly.  More people have looked at it this week than have in the months since we started looking at our own house.  Of course, the only angle from which to see the house is from our yard so all of these people trying to get this house instead of us check it out standing in our front yard.

Lunch time rolled around and we did not hear anything about the house.  Since the offers closed at eleven I can only assume that they have been contacting the winners and that that is not us.

After lunch we were contacted by the bank looking for some additional information on our offer for the house.  So apparently we are not completely out of the running.  Although maybe with our answer we are.  Now they are hoping to know something by around Tuesday.  So now we have a fun weekend of waiting to see what has happened.

Of course, on top of not knowing about the house being fun enough, not knowing about the house also impacts our financial situation so we are waiting to begin projects on our existing house while we try to figure out how are finances look in the short term.  Buying a house requires some amount of capital to be in place and ready so we don’t want to overcommit ourselves.  Fun fun.

Lunch was at Rockfish today.  I haven’t been there in a while.

Afternoon was quite busy but worked started to wrap up on the early side and by six I was able to roll out of the office which is great for a Friday.  And very little scheduled for tomorrow either.

Dominica decided to send me out shopping on my way home.  So off to Lowe’s and Walmart I go.

The shopping went pretty quickly.  I picked up the needed supplies and we now have the LED lightbulbs that we need to be able to replace the bulbs that had all burnt out in the hallway, which is very annoying as we use those lights all of the time.  Of course, when I went to change them, we discovered that our stepstool was loaned out and we can’t reach them.

We have  an appointment scheduled on Monday morning with a landscaper to look at our back yard.  It is a total disaster right now – nothing but mud and clumps of clay.  There is barely a patch of real grass and nothing worth keeping.  We need the entire area completely overhauled from top to bottom.  It’s not going to be cheap but it is really making living there tough because except on frozen or very dry, very sunny days it is nothing but a mud pit and we have to give Oreo a quick bath after every trip in or out.  And we can’t pick up anything that he deposits out there because there is so much mud that we can’t go back there ourselves because we have no way to clean up that volume of mud.

We aren’t entirely sure of what we want to do with the yard yet.  Mostly we just want it leveled, drained and sodded.  From there we will figure out what else needs to be done.  We would really like Liesl to be able to go out and play and Oreo to safely be able to walk around and to just be able to enjoy it rather than not wanting to look at the horrid mess.  And we definitely want the two bushes blocking the windows in the den area to be removed as they do nothing but block the light which is not very smart.

This evening we just hung out at the house and watched a made for television Hillary Duff movie Beauty and the Briefcase, I believe it was called.  Not a good movie.  I’d skip it.

We were off to bed at a reasonable time tonight!  UNIX training, originally scheduled for tomorrow, has been postponed.  We will be attempting to do it on Sunday instead.

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