January 22, 2011: Down in Mansfield

We slept in a little this morning, just until nine thirty.  Liesl’s schedule has been drifting later and later and we have been getting less and less sleep because of it.  Today was our catchup day and as long as Liesl stayed asleep, so did we.

So it was a bit of a rush to get out of the door this morning as we are heading down to Mansfield to hang out with the family.  It is one of Liesl’s second cousin’s birthdays so we are heading down for that.

We had to make a quick pitstop at Walmart for card and gift.  Dominica was on top of things but didn’t want to send me to pick these things up last night as that would be too stressful for me after work to try to make these kinds of decisions.  Best to have her do it today.

It worked out, time wise, as she was able to shop at Walmart while Liesl and I made a quick run back to the house to pick up some stuff that we had forgotten to put into the car.  So it wasn’t wasted time.

We hung out with the family for probably around three hours.  Liesl had an awesome time.  She has gotten completely comfortable now with her second cousins and she just leaves us immediately to go play with them.  There are some older girls that have the best time with her and she, as always, loves having older girls around.  They played with a doll house and explored the house and they even got her outside for quite a long time playing soccer!

It was so adorable watching Liesl run around the yard with the bigger kids chasing the soccer ball.  She loves getting to play with them and being part of the group.  This is so good for her.  Boy is she going to sleep tonight.  She got some serious exercise today.

As we were leaving, Debbie gave us a huge dollhouse for Liesl.  It has never really seen any use and Liesl just loves it.

We got home and put Liesl down for her nap.  She was asleep in the car on the way home too.  The ride is just long enough that she nearly always falls asleep going to and from Mansfield.

The afternoon was pretty empty.  We mostly puttered around. Later on Souder stopped by to drop off my new eight foot ladder and some boxes of Cat5e cabling.  He didn’t hang out for long.  Just dropped stuff off and headed home to sleep.

Watson and Grey came by shortly thereafter and hung out for the evening.  Grey was originally returning to Denver today but had to push his flight off until tomorrow so has tonight off.  We all decided to be adventurous for dinner and discovered an interesting Pakistani restaurant and grocery not far away that does some very brisk business.  We were going to eat there but they were so busy that we had to get the food to go as there were no seats available.  The food was very good though, and very cheap.  We will be back there a bunch, I’m sure.  And great to have a Pakistani and Indian grocery right around the corner.  Very handy.

I did a bit of work on getting Solaris Express 11 up and running.  I ended up working late into the night, until three in the morning, working on Solaris 11 installs, ZFS and Zones stuff to get ready for the class tomorrow.

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