February 11, 2011: Katie Visits

Today was yet another crazy long day at the office.  Very busy and it started quite early too.  I was up and working at five forty five this morning and went into the office around seven thirty.

The day was pretty long too.  It was already completely dark out when I finally managed to get out of the office and drive up to Carrollton.  Much later than I had hoped.

Katie was in Austin today.  She spent the morning biking around the hill country then, in the afternoon, headed north towards the DFW.

Katie and I both pulled up to the house in Carrollton at the same time which was a pretty huge coincidence.  That meant that we had been driving next to each other for about ten miles or so.

It was pretty late so we all just spent the evening hanging out in the living room and catching up.  It is really hard to believe that we have not seen Katie since December, 2009 when she was helping us to get packed up and out of the house in Peekskill.  It is amazing how time flies.  You can really tell when you are getting older than you can go a year or two without seeing someone in person and it feels like you just saw them recently.

Katie is stuck camping out on the air mattress in the nursery (which I am currently using as my office) because the new garage office, where we had intended for her to be staying, is far from being ready for habitation.

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