February 12, 2011: Katie Day

Today is our “hanging out with Katie” day.  Since she got in late last night and since she has to fly out of Austin around noon tomorrow we really only get today to see her.  We had originally thought that we would go to the zoo today but with such a small window to visit we decided that it would make more sense to just stay at the house.  No one was really all that motivated this morning to get up and get moving anyway.  It took hours just to get everyone up and out the door to go get some breakfast!

It was really lunch time when Dominica, Kate, Liesl and I went out to Waffle House for our late breakfast.  Katie had been looking forward to getting to go to Waffle House.  It’s a treat for people visiting us from the Waffle House free north.

After lunch we hung out at the house for the afternoon.  Jen and Watson came over to meet Katie and survey the office construction.  The walls are up now and you can get a pretty good feel for how it is going to be when it is done.  It is certainly going to be a tight office but with good design we will get good use out of the space.  Getting the extra “closet” area as a server room will go a long way towards making additional space in the rest of the house.  Now all of those servers that have been all over the place will have a nice, neat place to go.  If the space ever gets finished.

For dinner this evening we went to La Cima.  This weekend they are doing the Valentine’s dinners so we have the special Valentine’s menu, which is awesome, as we are always complaining that we eat at the club too often for the menu so anytime that there is a special menu we want to go to get more variety.

Dinner was awesome and everyone had a really nice time.  It was a good idea to come out tonight and we definitely appreciated having the menu variety.  It was a great meal.

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