February 15, 2011: SharePoint

I drove in to work this morning.  I was not able to wear my new glasses last night as they are so different from my old ones that I was unable to see.  This morning I am trying to work only from the new glasses after having slept all night and gone straight to the new ones.  It is quite a struggle, though, as they new ones are not only different in prescription strength but also in alignment.

For lunch today I was meeting Souder and Souder at La Cima.  So I went over there at noon and just had a large salad for lunch.

After work I stayed in Irving and met up with Souder at the apartment and we drove over to Microsoft’s Las Colinas offices for the monthly DFW SharePoint users group meeting.  It turned out to be a really good meeting.  There is an amazing SharePoint community here in the DFW, the largest in the nation I am told, and they put on a good users’ group.  We were all very happy that we went.  This will likely become a regular thing for us.  Five of us went, it was a bit of a SharePoint party.  The topic tonight was a bit advanced for those of us who have barely worked with SharePoint before (even though technically I have used it for eight years, I have done so only lightly) but it was quite informative to see what the greater community was doing.

I declined to go out for drinks with the SharePoint group tonight and went home as quickly as I could after the meeting to spend some time with Dominica and Liesl.  Liesl had been asking about me during the meeting so I couldn’t resist going home and spending time with her.

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