February 14, 2011: New Glasses

Back to work today and the start of a busy week.  I am working from home this morning, though, because Dominica is doing the big, three hour long glucose test to see if she has gestational diabetes since she did poorly on her blood work from her last doctor’s visit.  This is the test that is no fun at all.  So I am home this morning taking care of Liesl while Dominica is gone.

It turned out that it was a good thing that I was home this morning since Liesl destroyed my glasses last night.  The glue that I put on last night appears to be holding so I am able to work this morning as long as I am careful.  I do not want to do any driving because it is possible that they will just fall apart on my at any second and having that happen while driving would be very bad.  I would still have one eye with the glasses and I can drive without my glasses in a pinch but I sure don’t want to half to do that.

Dominica came home at lunch and in the middle of the afternoon I was able to get in to Walmart to get a new prescription for my glasses made.  After work, Dominica, Liesl and I went to the mall in Plano where we were able to go to Lens Crafters to get glasses made in a panic.  We made it just in time to get them made tonight.

While we were waiting we went to the foodcourt and got dinner at the smoothie place there.  Liesl had great fun playing in the fountain.  We found a good play area there as well where Dominica hopes to bring Liesl in the future.

We got my new glasses just as the mall was getting ready to close.  These are my first new glasses in about six years.  I have not gotten new glasses since Andy was rooming with us in Geneseo around 2004 or 2005.  Back when Andy and I managed to accidentally both get the same glasses.

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