February 17, 2011: Polar Bears?

For some bizarre reason, this photograph of mine on Flickr of Polar Bears at the Buffalo Zoo has become incredibly popular.  If you look at the photo you will notice that it is not, in any way, a great photo.  It’s not even a good photo.  Mediocre “for its time” is about the best that you can say.  And that’s a stretch.  Mediocre “for its time” considering it was taken by a kid is a better take on it.  And yet, for a relatively few number of views it has an astounding number of people adding it as a favourite.  I don’t understand this at all.  If you count the number of views versus the number of favourites you see that something like one in twelve people who have seen the photo consider it a favourite.  That makes no sense whatsoever.  No picture should have that percentage of people mark it as a favourite.  At best, one in one hundred people, perhaps.  I bet only about one percent of all people even use the favourite system let alone use it regularly.  And why this photo?

Again, not much to report today.  I was in the office for work.  I had to come home from work at lunch today to do a conference call to prepared for my webinar that I am presenting next week, one week from today.

There has been a tiny, but only a tiny, bit of progress made on the house this week.  The garage is a little closer but still not there at all.  At the current rate it could be a month yet, believe it or not, before the work is completed.  Why no one is interested in getting this project over and done with I have no idea.  It seems, to me, that getting it all over and done with would be best for everyone.  At this point the room is basically completed structurally.  We’ve picked out the paint and we hope to see the garage painted soon.

Tomorrow, Jenn is coming to visit us for the long holiday weekend.

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