February 18, 2011: Jenn Visits Texas

I worked quite late last night but it was one of those nights where I managed to do so much work that it actually made it so that I didn’t have to work this morning.  Yay!  I still got up at seven, though, not realizing that I would be okay this morning and having had a conference call scheduled I had to be ready.  So I got up and got right to work first thing this morning.

I got into the office on the early side since my day is likely to consist of a lot of logistics.  Dominica picked me up from the office on the late side for lunch so that we could run to the airport together to pick up Jenn who arrived a little after lunch time.  Liesl was very excited to get time to see me in the car.  She was very happy when I got into the Acadia.

We picked up Jenn from DFW and then we ran back to the office to drop me off.  We decided that, due to effort of scheduling a big dinner on a weekend day, that we would all go to the club tonight for dinner since Friday nights are pretty much a waste anyway with my work schedule.

The girls hung out all afternoon.  After work I drove over to La Cima as it is a total waste to drive all of the way back to Carrollton just to turn around and drive back to Irving again.  We did dinner on the early side but I had very little spare time as I had forgotten that I had a conference call this evening.  So I skipped dessert and rushed back home before we were done with dinner so that I could spend a few hours on the phone.

Jenn went to bed a bit before the Millers did.  We stayed up and watched some Netflix in our room before heading to bed.

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