February 3, 2011: The World Remains Frozen

The DFW remains stuck in ice and snow.  There is nothing happening here.  Nothing at all.  The office is closed again today.  That’s three days in a row.  Boy do I wish that my new office was done so that I could work in there.  This would have been the best week ever to have had that completed.

No additional work done around the house today.  With the bad weather, no one is traveling anywhere.  This whole town is at a standstill.

So I worked from home in the nursery / office.  Decently productive today.  Nothing really interesting.

This evening Dominica and I watched Everybody Wants to be Italian which was okay but nothing special.  Definitely not what we had been hoping for but it is another movie knocked out of our queue so that is good.  Then we watched Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year which again, was okay, but nothing special.  It was a movie about a door to door whitebox computer salesman in India.  None of the business or technical side made any sense.  It was an okay movie overall but was very, very weird.

Liesl is so funny.  She often spends the evenings going back and forth between snuggling with us wherever we are and going out to a different part of the house to be by herself.  She loves her alone time and really likes to just entertain herself.  She is so independent.

Liesl is growing up so fast.  She is talking more and more clearly and communicates so well most of the time.  It’s awesome to watch her grow up.  She really understands everything that we say at this point and talks in real sentences.  It’s so cool.

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