February 4, 2011: Working an 18 Hour Day

I had to get up at seven this morning, even though I didn’t get to go to bed until two in the morning last night, so that I could support the non-farm payroll numbers being released.  Getting up with so little sleep gave me a decent headache that lasted most of the day.

I got into my office and immediately noticed that it had apparently been snowing all night and we now had six inches of snow on the ground at our house!  I was sure not expecting to see that when I sat down at my desk.  I guess that it is going to be one of those days.

The office was closed, for obvious reasons.  No one in the DFW Metroplex is going to want to drive in six inches of snow.  It is crazy unsafe out there.

It was a busy morning at work.  I can feel a long day coming on.  I am really glad that I am home today.

Still no work on the house today.  It is going to take forever to get this garage conversion done.  It’s also going to cost a fortune.  We are getting really nervous about that.

This afternoon Souder and Watson were over for a little bit.  They came by and we made a quick run out to an IT supply store that sells racks and cable management stuff.  It was a fun venture going out into the snow and watching the Texans try to drive around.

We did some research and determined that the best bet was going to be just getting a full, 42U rack for the new office rather than trying to save barely anything by making do with smaller units.  And nothing is as cool as a full rack!

Work turned into a neverending disaster tonight.  Not really a disaster but it felt like one.  Just a mountain of work.  Having started the day at seven in the morning, going late was not what I really wanted to do tonight.

I ended up being so buried with work that I didn’t get a chance to wrap up until long after one in the morning!  I worked solid too having skipped lunch and just having a PB&J at my desk that Dominica made for me while I was working.  The only break that I got at all today was that quick run to the supply store.

What a crazy long night.  I never got a chance to even leave my desk.  Dominica was already in bed by the time that I was done for the day.  I was exhausted.

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