February 5, 2011: More Electrical Work

Today is my day to recover from all of the work that I did yesterday.  I slept in a bit and needed it badly.

Our electricians arrived early, tons of work left to do and the weather is finally nice enough that they were able to come back out again and get to work on the house.  Tomorrow is a loss because of some sporting event so today is the one big day to push towards completion of the electrical work.

They got a lot of work done today.  We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sort of.

It was a quiet day at home. This evening we started watching Good Luck, Charlie from Disney.  It is a fairly new sitcom that we are really liking.  It is, as we can best describe it, an 80s style, family-oriented sitcom done today.  It doesn’t have the feel of other Disney tween-themed sitcoms.  This one is really meant for families and truly does hearken back to the heydey of sitcoms like Who’s the Boss and Growing Pains. It’s a really good show and really is completely perfect for families to watch together.  Liesl loves it because there is a baby on it and she asked for “another baby” to ask for another episode!

At this point we have most of the electrical work done around the house but the garage really hasn’t even begun yet!  It’s been a crazy project.  But at least the house is going to be safe and new.  Hopefully the electrical, at least, will be done this week.

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