February 6, 2011: Shopping Day

This morning, quite early, Dominica, Liesl and I got up and headed out to do some much needed grocery shopping so that we are prepared to get through the week.  We have been holding off as long as we could and Dominica, being as pregnant as she is, doesn’t want to go out shopping alone as she could faint.  So we did a family outing for groceries.

We first went to Aldi’s and got the bulk of what we needed.  Fortunately we have several different grocery stores right around the corner from us so going to multiple ones is really easy.  Aldi’s has the best prices and the German food but the selection is really limited and I don’t like their cereals. Fortunately Dominica does because they are super cheap.

Then we went to Kroger to wrap up the rest of our shopping.  That took a while but we got a ton of stuff.

On the way out to the car we were in a mass of people in the parking lot.  The place was packed.  We ended up in a group of people behind an old man driving a car who, apparently, decided that there were too many people walking in the parking aisle in front of him so suddenly put his car into reverse and started backing up – into a crowd of people in the cross walk!

Dominica started yelling, as she had the shopping cart with Liesl in it, and people started jumping out of the way.  Knowing that Dominica couldn’t get Liesl and the cart away if he kept going I went up to the back of the car and hit the trunk to get the driver to stop – hoping he would realize that he was up against a group of people.  We were not the only people behind him and people all over in front of him were waving and yelling for him to stop.

Instead of stopping he decided to put the accelerator to the floor and the car lurched back at me.  Everyone started screaming… Dominica in the unbelievable piercing scream that she is famous for.  How the driver didn’t hear it, I will never know.  I started to go up onto the car to keep him from sucking me under the tires and I beat on the trunk so hard that I probably dented it and am now concerned that I have broken my thumb.

Once he finally got the car to stop moving, the driver put it in neutral, not park, and at least one person there, who had just jumped away in time to not be run over, commented that even when the car stopped the engine was still revving like crazy (no, it was not a Toyota, this was driver error) I went up to yell at him about driving backwards without looking in a crowded crosswalk – he still had no idea that there were people here!  When he opened his door his loose dog jumped out into the busy parking lot and I had to go save it for him before something bad happened to his dog.  This guy clearly had no idea where he was or what he was doing.  Talk about a danger.  He could easily have killed five people or more!

Dominica was quite shaken for some time.  A few minutes after it was over I realized the incredible pain that my right thumb was in.  It felt like a break and was swelling quickly.  Apparently the joint on the knuckle had slammed into the metal of the trunk very, very hard.  I’m in some serious pain.  This is not good as I have a writing assignment due today that I absolutely have to be working on.

We got home and I put my hand on ice.  It was in some serious pain all day.

I spent much of the day in the office working on my writing.  I am also working for “the office” today as we are supporting high volatility emerging markets trading for Egypt with all of the uproar that is going on over there.

I nursed my thumb all day going between ice and heat.  The ice hurt horribly and the heat felt great but, in theory, you aren’t supposed to heat a break.  It didn’t take long before the thumb started turning purple and black.  Ugh.  I can move it though.  So it can only be so bad, I guess.

I got my article done today and we spent a bit of the evening watching Good Luck Charlie. We are really liking that show.

What a long day it was.

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