February 9, 2011: Winter Returns

It is amazing how cold and snowy Texas is once we move here.  We’ve always heard of Texas being so warm and it is not at all.  It’s only barely warmer than New York!  We woke up to snow again this morning.  No need to go to work for me.

It was not nearly as cold today as it was last week when we got the major storm but still, quite cold.  Even with the bad weather we ended up with our electricians, contractor and Souder all coming up to the house at different points of the day.

Work was not too busy today, which was nice because I got to see Liesl some.  This has been a very busy week and we have gotten very little time to spend with each other.

We got word from our real estate agent that the seller of the house that we are attempting to buy had offered us less than half of the amount necessary to fix the foundation. That is not going to fly.  So we turned that down.  We really were not even expecting that much but we are pretty positive that we are not going to get anything additional.  Like I said yesterday, we’ve mostly lost interest in the house and are more than happy to just walk away at this point.  We just want it all to be over so that we can move on and focus on life again.  There has been too much going on.

No real house work today, mostly just a discussion about what will be done tomorrow when our contractor returns and gets into the groove full swing, again.  Now we will hopefully see physical progress at a good clip.  Electrical work is depressing as you can’t see anything and it costs a fortune and takes a really long time.

We just hung out as a family this evening.  Originally Katie was coming to visit us tomorrow but there has been a slight change of plans and she is now coming up Friday evening instead.  That is probably best as it gives us more time to clean which is going to be hard enough with the house being such a disaster.

Right now all of the boxes have just been shoved into Liesl’s play room so it is just full.  The bar is covered in construction stuff.  The nursery is used for storage.  My huge desk system is just leaning against the bar right now.  There is no room for anything.  Until that garage turns into my office, we are a total mess.

It is looking like tomorrow is going to be another cold day.  Likely I will be home tomorrow too.

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