February 8, 2011: Inspections

So today is our panic inspection on the new house day.  The first inspector, the general house inspector, arrived at eight in the morning and began the inspection.  We were expecting our realtor this morning as well but she never arrived.  Shortly after the inspections started Dominica was off to the doctor’s for her appointment.  It worked out really well that she had an appointment on the same morning as the inspections so that I was already going to be home to watch Liesl during that time.

After not too long, the second inspector arrived, this is the foundation inspector.  It is a very busy morning.

The first inspection done was the foundation and it was bad news, very bad news.  The foundation is in really bad shape and needs tons of work.  A major percentage of the house value in work needs to be done which basically means that the house is no longer in the picture for us.

It is possible that the seller (Fannie Mae) will come back and pay for the foundation repairs, but that is just about a zero chance.  So we are considering that we have now lost the house as we are definitely not paying for this level of repair to be done.  The cost is just ridiculous considering the condition of the house otherwise and how hard it is to sell a house on this market.

The regular house inspection wasn’t shining either but not too much that we didn’t know.  Lots of termite damage but no signs of current issues.  Lots of work to be done, though.  Some plumbing issues.  Lots of little stuff.  Nothing really awful or unexpected.  But it doesn’t really matter in light of the foundation situation.

Now we know why the selling brokers have been playing games and trying to block us doing an inspection.  They admitted, later, to knowing that the foundation was bad – which makes it even more clear that they were attempting to keep us from finding out.  We had hoped that the foundation had already been fixed and the inspector said that it was already fixed, however it was fixed improperly so that wasn’t going to cut it.  So, since the bank knew that as well and was trying to keep us from finding out the truth, we are considering that to be pretty deceitful on their part.

So we are pretty much ready to just walk away and be done with it.  We are sick of dealing with these brokers and if this is how they are going to be dealing with us we would just as soon not buy from them anyway.  I’d hate to see them getting any commissions off of this, that’s for sure.

After the inspections I went into the office for the rest of the day.  After work I swung into the real estate agent’s office to sign some paperwork.  The office managers there feel that the selling bank is playing games and does not have the interest of the sellers in mind and wanted me to hang in there and attempt to keep the negotiation going.  Argh.  I really just want this to be over at this point.  This is not fun and we are rapidly wishing that we could just be done with the whole fiasco.  What a waste of time and effort this has been.

It took an hour of paperwork at the real estate office before we were done.  They had a phone conversation with the seller’s agent too, while I was there, and I could hear the agent making snide remarks about me on the phone.  They were clearly pissed off that we had managed to get inspections done and made no attempt whatsoever to hide that fact.  Extremely unprofessional at best.

It was decently late when I finally got home.  We know that tomorrow the weather is supposed to be very cold and there will be snow and ice so I will be working from home tomorrow.  We don’t expect any continuing house work either.  Hopefully some additional work will happen on Thursday before Katie arrives from New York.

Originally we had been hoping that Katie would be staying in the new office slash guest bedroom but it is far from being done and there is no way that she will be able to use it now.  So now we have to figure out how to fit her into the nursery instead.

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