February 20, 2011: Relaxing Day in Great Weather

I was up and had time to have coffee with Jenn this morning before she went out on her morning run.  Today is not such a busy day for me as it is the middle of a three day weekend so I actually to relax, just a little, today.  There is still tons of things that need to be done so I don’t really get to relax but it isn’t exactly a crazy day.

Today was another day of the girls relaxing and cooking most of the day and I spent most of the day working from the back room.

One thing that we are really loving about this house is the cool “U” shape that we have with the open atrium.  We open up the atrium windows and with me working in that back office the people in the kitchen are still “right there” and we can talk to each other and see each other but have this open air between us.  It is pretty cool.

Liesl went out and started playing in the atrium a bit today.  She thinks that it is very cool to go from the kitchen and be able to go up to the window where I am working just inches away.  She has a bunch of toys out there now and likes being able to be outside without needing someone to really be looking over her shoulder.  Since she is enclosed and only a few feet away from either me in the office or the girls in the kitchen she is really safe and someone is able to see her at all times too.

We really can’t wait until we can get the atrium fixed up.  What a difference that is going to make.  We can see already how much we love using it and it is horrible currently.  Once we get nice flooring, more space and decent furniture and lighting out there it is going to be great.

The weather has been awesome this weekend.  Now I can see why people love living in Texas.  This is how February should be.  Cool enough to have the windows open and wear a fleece but warm enough that you can sit outside and enjoy it.

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