February 22, 2011: Webinar Dry Run

I’m back into the office this morning.  The past two weeks have had so much going on that I am feeling really overwhelmed with the workload that I have to do.  This week is nuts.  I am way behind on SGL and struggling to get even short updates out.  Fortunately I have managed to at least get two articles published with Datamation this month.

I had to come home at lunch to do a dry run for my webinar that I am doing on Thursday.  The dry run went well.  I am always entertaining in dry runs.  This is my first webinar of 2011.  It’s actually been quite some time since I did my last one.  I’m not even sure when the last one was.  Maybe even more than a year ago.

Back to work immediately after my dry run.  Dominica made me lunch that I just ate while on the call.  My days have gotten so busy that even coming home for lunch often means not getting to see Liesl and Dominica at all.

This afternoon I had a long conference call from the office too.  Very busy day.  But productive.

Home this evening trying to get caught up as best as possible on all of the back log of work.  Dominica and Liesl are going to go out of town this weekend down to Houston and I am going to stay home just to work while they are gone.  There is just too much to do for me to be able to travel and since the garage is not done yet I really need to be here to deal with that in case the contractors show up too.

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