February 23, 2011: The Last Furniture Move

Today is a crazy day.  We were trying to figure out what to do about the furniture in the apartment now that everyone is moving out.  Jen moved out yesterday and Brian and Tara are moving out tomorrow morning.  So today is the day to get the rest of the furniture out completely.  We had looked into options yesterday about renting a truck and, like before, it just made sense to hire Dr. Move to come and move everything for us since they cost barely more than renting a truck and they get everything done for us in one fell swoop with all of the cost just included.  We are good customers, this is our third time moving with them in four months.

So at eight this morning I ran down to the apartment to meet up with Dr. Move and to oversee the loading of the truck.  There was very little to get and we just hired them for one hour figuring that even with the load, unload and drive time that the whole thing could be done in under an hour.  There really is that little to get.  Mostly it was the couch, the arm chair, the one computer desk and a few small miscellaneous items.  Very little but large items that required a truck.  All that will be left for tomorrow for us to move ourselves will be some cleaning items and the collapsible bed frame and the foam mattress.

The loading took no time at all then a quick run up to the house and a quick unloading of the truck.  Boy there is no room at all for this stuff.  We are really struggling to figure out where to put things with the garage not being done.  This is awful.  The couch is the one thing that we really had a spot for – it was put at the end of our bed.  This is great.  Finally we have a way to sit and watch our television for the first time since we have been in the new house.  At this point it is practically a novelty.  Our long term plan is to have a small loveseat here that takes up far less space than the couch and have the couch in the “den” for Liesl and little Baby Miller to sit and play out there.  For now, though, this is a great use of the furniture and already is demonstrating why we need seating here.  We love having it there.

The rest of the furniture is just sitting in the way around the house.  We are getting really frustrated with this garage situation.

As soon as the moving was done, which we did manage to squeeze in in just under one hour, it was into the office for me.  A busy day indeed.

At lunch I ran down to the doctor’s office near my work to meet up with Dominica and to watch Liesl while Dominica had her checkup.  Liesl and I played for about an hour with the blocks that she loves so much there.  She didn’t care at all that Dominica was in seeing the doctor.  There were no other kids there so she had the run of the play area and had a really good time.  She loves the brightly coloured foam blocks.  Really, she just loves any toys that are not her own.

For lunch we went to Einstein Brother’s Bagels.  That was a nice change of pace.  Liesl is getting so big.  She almost never uses a booster seat anymore and she is so well behaved at a restaurant.  She just sits and eats for the most part and is quiet and polite.  She is growing up so quickly.

I, of course, had tons to squeeze in during my tight lunch hour and had a quick conference call that I had to do from my mobile while standing outside waiting for the food to be prepared.  It didn’t take very long, though.

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