March 10, 2011: Liesl Still Sick

Finally, around six this morning, Liesl actually fell asleep and she and Dominica were able to sleep in kind of late – like until around ten.  So they actually got some sleep.  I got up and went in to work without waking them up.  Even Oreo was still buried in blankets, snuggled in between them when I left.

So my paycheck didn’t come again today.  Normally it comes on Tuesday.  But sometimes not until Wednesday.  We didn’t really panic until it didn’t arrive today.  We already knew from two weeks ago that there were issues with my paycheck and that we were only going to get half pay this week and, if all goes well, it will get made up in the next check.  But the bulk of the time needed to get the accounting fixed for the next pay check has been burned up and there is little or no progress so I am down to just a few days yet before the accounting disaster causes me to not get paid for another two weeks making the total, as it seems, push out to a total of six weeks without pay.  A month and a half is a long time for a single income family to go without seeing a paycheck – especially when we have two mortgages to pay since we can’t sell the house in New York.

We confirmed that no money is coming for another two weeks.  This is going to be a tough month for sure.  Fortunately the bills are paid and nothing is really due until the very end of the month so it is just the interim liquid funds that are really an issue.  Not the end of the world, just extra stress and stuff that I have to follow up on or else it gets missed and months would go by before anyone noticed.

So we had to do some monetary maneuvering today.  Dominica finds this stuff incredibly stressful.  It’s really not as bad as it sounds.  The past year has been really tough and we are not where we should be with our finances but certainly sounds far more bleak than it is in reality.

When I got home Liesl was sleeping on Dominica’s lap in the living room.  She had not managed to take a nap today and this is the first sleep that she was getting.  Even asleep you can really see how sick she is.  Poor little girl.

Liesl did not sleep for too long.  I barely had time to feed Oreo and warm up dinner for myself, but not get to eat it, before she woke up.  We spent most of the evening with Liesl sitting on my lap on the couch in our bedroom.  She is still very sick but seems, to me at least, to have improved since yesterday.

Her fever continues to go up and down.  For a little while she will be fine then she will be awful again for a few hours.

Off to bed early tonight.  Hopefully a good night of sleep will get Liesl over the hump.  The Grices come tomorrow evening for almost a week.  They will be here from tomorrow evening until Wednesday.  Then I head off to Maryland on Friday evening, one week from tomorrow.  The new office carpeting comes in on that Saturday.  It is a busy week ahead of us.

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