March 9, 2011: Liesl’s Fever

Liesl had a temperature above one hundred and two this morning.  Poor little girl.  I got up around seven to start work.  I had already taken this morning as a work from home morning because I was going to be going to the doctor with Dominica for her late ultrasound so that I could take care of Liesl during the appointment so the timing worked out well.  Dominica got up about an hour after me, got ready and headed off to her appointment while Liesl stayed asleep until after eleven!

By mid-morning, Liesl’s fever seemed to have broken and she was feeling some better.  She ate a tiny bit and drank some water and stayed in our bed watching “Wonder Pets” until Dominica got home.  She continued to stay in our bed until after I went to work and on until the middle of the afternoon.

The ultrasound went well this morning.  Little baby-to-be Miller is doing well and is on track.  We are most likely going to be meeting the newest member of the family on April 22nd or 25th.  The doctor was supposed to be there today to make the final schedule details with Dominica but was out today so that needs to be done yet.

I ate lunch, attended an Oracle M-series webinar and then went in to the office.  I didn’t actually get any time off for lunch at all – I just ate while attending the webinar for work.

Dominica had a really busy work week up until today but fortunately, with all that there was going on today, she didn’t really have to work too much.  So that really worked out well.

Dominica’s video game, Dragon Age 2, arrived this afternoon as did a book for me and a new USB headset for my computer as the one that I have been using for years and years got totally destroyed when the wire got wrapped around my foot and I tripped over it a few days ago.

This evening we just hung out with Liesl who swung back and forth between feeling pretty decent and feeling awful.  For about thirty minutes she would play and be mostly okay and then she would feel terrible and just need to be held and cry.  If this fever runs like Clara’s, we are looking at having a sick child until maybe even Saturday.

Liesl put herself to bed in our bed around ten but was unable to sleep and kept getting up.  I got into bed with her and Oreo and tried to get her to relax while Dominica started her first round through Dragon Age 2.  She didn’t get very long to play but maybe two hours.  The install and update process took forever so she probably lost half an hour or more just getting up and running before getting to play at all.  She has been looking forward to this game for so long, though, that I knew that she needed some time to get to play it today.

It was a rough night.  Liesl tossed and turned and just cried and cried.  Her fever was very up and down all night long.  We all got very little sleep.  This is one of the few times that we have had to go through Liesl really being sick.  She is generally a really, really healthy toddler – much healthier than I think of kids at this age tending to be.  So we are not as prepared for her being really sick as we might be.

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