March 11, 2011: Spring Break in Carrollton

Liesl got much better sleep last night than she has for the last few nights.  Hopefully that extra sleep means that she is on the road to recovery.  Her sleeping means that Dominica and I slept much better last night as well.

I had to get up a little early this morning as I had a conference call an hour before I normally start working.  Today is going to be a very long day at the office.

The day ended up being absolutely crazy.  I had to skip lunch and work straight through just trying to keep up.  At two thirty I finally had a chance to run to Rockfish and get take out which I then ate at my desk while I continued to work.

I was in the office until around eight this evening.  What a long day.  Then I drove Nicki home and headed to the gas station to fuel up and then off to home.

Once I got home we had about an hour and a half before the Grices would arrive so it was a mad cleaning frenzy as we attempted to do all of the things that Dominica was unable to do by herself.  Mostly this was moving furniture, storing a ton of boxes and bins behind the bar and getting beds set up.

It was nearly ten when the Grices arrived.  We got them unpacked the Francesca and I ran over to Jack in the Box to pick up dinner for everyone.

Shortly after eating, everyone was off to bed.  Liesl is definitely seeming some better tonight.  Fingers crossed that she will be better tomorrow.

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