March 12, 2011: Another Liesl Ear Infection

Liesl had another tough night last night.  Not as bad as the last few nights but definitely not good.  Francesca had something wrong with her eye this morning so they all planned a trip to the clinic together.  Dominica, Francesca and Liesl headed off to CareNow early before I was even really up.  Madeline, Emily and I took care of Garrett and Clara.

This is a really busy work weekend for me.  I am heavily backlogged on stuff that really needs my attention so I am trapped in the office for pretty much all of it, which is no fun.

Liesl turns out to have a very minor ear infection.  We are pretty sure that she had Clara’s virus last week and with the extra sinus action that she saw that it turned into an ear infection.  Fortunately we caught it really early.  Unfortunately we don’t have sick visits covered on her insurance so that little visit cost $189 while we are really, really tight on funds (still no word on whether or not I am likely to be getting paid anytime soon.)

This afternoon Dominica, Francesca and Emily went out for what they thought would be a quick trip to Walmart for groceries and medicine.  That ended up taking a few hours which they were not happy about.  Madeline and I stayed home to watch the little ones.

I did manage to get lots and lots of work done today, it was quite productive.  I did not get very much time to spend with the family, however, which sucks.  This weekend is going to be a pure work weekend for me even with everyone visiting.

I did manage to get a Fedora 14 development box built for Emily running in VirtualBox on Francesca’s laptop that she can use for learning Python programming.

I worked until everyone went to bed then went to bed myself.  Remember that tonight is daylight savings time.

Overall Liesl is clearly feeling much, much better today.  Not one hundred percent but she is happy and playing and isn’t all stuffy.  She was so much better today, in fact, that tonight she is sleeping in her own bed again for the first time in several days.  She was very excited to get to go to bed in her own bed.  At most she likes to sleep with us maybe once every fortnight.  Maybe even less frequent.

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