March 17, 2011: Prepping the New Office

My phone woke me up at five this morning.  Of course when there is a major production issue I stayed up really late working on something.  So I got about two hours of sleep.  Ugh.

I worked for an hour or more.  I was kind of delirious.  I can’t believe that my cell phone battery lasted long enough for me to stay on the call.  Once the call was over I decided that I was too tired to just get up so I climbed back in to bed and slept until around nine.

Work was crazy slow today.  It comes in waves I guess.  Yesterday was so busy and today was so slow.  I guess the transition from busy to slow was in the middle of the night.

I went home and managed to take a long lunch today which was nice because Liesl was in a mood to hang out.  She seldom is really concerned about spending time with me when I come home for lunch.  She likes that I am there but she is normally busy doing her own thing and is not really looking to play.  Today she hung out with me and wanted me to read to her and spend time with her which was nice.  I am sure that she is really missing her cousins.  She loves having all of those people around and the constant activity.

We had to call the contractor, again, because he didn’t show up or communicate, like always.  Why is it so hard for people to realize that it would not matter very much as long as there was an email saying that he was running late or couldn’t make it for one reason or another.  We are sitting around waiting for him.  We could go do something or at least know that he did not completely forget about us if we did not have to follow up every day.  And every time he gives the “oh, I’m just on my way over there” excuse.  Every time.  It’s wearing thin.  If we call at noon or five in the evening, he is just on his way over.

I managed to leave work a little early today.  That was nice.  Dominica and I got some time to hang out and talk.  Good timing since I will be out of town most of the weekend.  Our contractor came by this evening too and got most of the server room sanded and painted.  That is a major victory.  We are mostly ready for the carpeting now which comes in on Saturday afternoon.  I can’t wait to start using that room.

We took out the track tonight and spent half an hour clearing out the new office of all of the furniture to get it ready for the carpeting as I won’t have any time to help with that tomorrow.  And tonight we had to pack for my trip.  I’m taking almost nothing since it is such a short stay.  Just zipping to Maryland, having breakfast with John and zipping back to Texas.  Now the house is really a mess again holding all of that stuff.

We watched the one new episode of Wizards of Waverly Place and the first two of the second season of Good Luck Charlie that Disney has released to Netflix then it was time for bed.  Liesl is starting to really enjoy snuggling on the couch and watching Disney shows with us.  Good Luck Charlie is her favourite adult show.  She sits next to me and leans on me with my arm around her and she really pays attention to the whole show.  It is so cute.  She often holds her blanket while watching.  She is glued to the show, you can see a lot of Dominica and Madeline in her.

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