March 16, 2011: Very Busy Day

Francesca was awake and packing when I headed off to work.  The Grice family will be back in Houston this afternoon.  Dominica emailed me at work to tell me that Liesl was very upset that everyone had left all at once and was asking for me so I needed to be sure to go home at lunch today so that she could see that I was still around.  Normally she is fine with me going to work.  She has gotten used to me leaving in the morning and coming home in the evening.  Nothing like it was when we first moved to Texas and I started going in to the office on a regular basis again.  That was a very hard transition.  Now she knows that I will be home later and very possibly for lunch too and she doesn’t mind.  She often does not even bother to see me off even when she is awake before I leave – which I still try to avoid whenever possible.

Work was incredibly busy for both Dominica and I today.  No time off at all.  It was quite a squeeze just trying to get home at lunch to see Liesl.  I ran home but it was not for very long and I did not even get a chance to eat – which was not all that bad since I had picked up donuts on Josey on my way in to work this morning so those were sitting on my desk all morning tempting me.  I just ate another one for lunch when I returned to the office.

The whole day was just crazy busy and no fun.  At least I did not get stuck at the office really late.  I was only back in the office for an hour and a half before the fire alarm went.  I had work that needed my attention and I could not take the time to just stand around outside so I jumped in the car and zipped home.  I was back online and working about twenty minutes before the people who were sent outside managed to get back online.  So good decision making there on my part.

It was nice getting home around three thirty.  Liesl was napping for a while when I arrived so I was able to work.

I called our contractor today to find out why he said that he would be over on Thursday, last week, and we hadn’t heard a peep from him yet.  He had made a big deal about the carpet taking so long and insisting that it could be done faster but now that the carpet is coming in on Saturday he is not in the least bit prepared and is not even going to be ready for it.  Utterly ridiculous.  I can’t believe that we have to call him every single day and any day that we forget to call he doesn’t show up.  He says “see you tomorrow to do X or Y” and then the next day we wait all day, then the next and he never returns until we call again to ask what has happened.  We had a talk with him about this the last time that he was here to work but it didn’t change anything.  You’d think given the current state of the economy that making money would be a priority for people who are working for themselves.

The mudding is done in the server room now.  The sanding is supposed to be done tomorrow.  I’m not holding my breath.  We really need the shelving finished too that will hold the lights around the ceiling – that not being done has been holding up the electricians.  This is all such a mess.  And we only have a few days to go before it becomes an order of magnitude more of a problem than it is currently – which is still a pretty big problem.  I leave Friday night to go to Maryland and will be driving back from there all day Saturday.  When I arrive back in Texas on Sunday I will have Brian with me and he will be needing to be able to live in that room.  If things aren’t done it is going to be rather too late as we have to move furniture in there at that point.

I hung out with Dominica and Liesl this evening.  We caught up on our Wizards of Waverly Place and then Liesl and I watched Open Season 2 twice while Dominica caught up on work out in the living room.  Liesl really loved the movie (which is why we had to watch it twice) and already knows what antlers are and gets excited identifying them in her books now that she learned about them in the movie.  She is so adorable.  It is amazing how quickly she picks this stuff up.

Liesl decided to sneak into our bed and sleep with us tonight.  She and Dominica went to bed around eleven.  I went in to the office and worked for a few hours before turning in myself.

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