March 20, 2011: Back to Texas

And the driving continues.  Today is my third continuous day of travel.  I took over driving right around midnight and Brian spent the next several hours fitfully trying to sleep whenever he could here and there.  I had my iPod so I listed to some music and I started reading a recent translation of the story of Gilgamesh – the oldest story known to man.  It is very clear when reading this story just how bad literature was in this period.  By today’s standards it sounds like it was written by a very young, very immature child.  The quality of the writing is only at a lower elementary level at best.  It is amazingly interesting, though, to read a story written nearly five thousand years ago.  Many of the crazy, outlandish things that are written about in the story, things that seem fantastic and surreal to modern readers, were commonplace to the writer and hardly worth mentioning.  I can only begin to imagine how many points were considered to not warrant any mention at all as they were assumed.

The drive went fine and by the time that we were around Nashville we had recalculated and determined that even though the drive through Virginia seemed to take forever and traffic was so bad that we had actually managed to stay on schedule.  It does, in fact, look like the alternative routes work well through there.  We are looking now to arrive in Carrollton around one in the afternoon.

I drove until morning light and then Brian drove for a little while early on in Arkansas.  Then, somewhere in Arkansas, I took back over again and drove on through Texas.

It was twelve forty five when we pulled in to the house in Carrollton.  Boy were we glad to be out of the car.

I got to see the new office for the first time.  It really does look good with the bright orange wall and the dark grey carpeting and it does feel really nice to walk in there with the raised, wooden floor and the good padding under the carpet.  This is the first that this really feels like a new room and it is awfully strange to suddenly have this new space off of the side of the house that was not there before.

Now that the carpet is in the work on the main shelves and the secondary desk will start soon (hopefully) and we can start moving my desks in there right away which is important because they have been sitting all over the house for months now.  Talk about being in the way.  Having them in the office will be great.  Not only will they not be in the way but we will be able to put things on them too!

It wasn’t long before Brian and I needed to take naps.  We were exhausted.  Dominica tried to talk us in to staying up rather than napping because she thought that it would interrupt our schedules but I think that she underestimates just how tired you get missing an entire night of sleep.  Without a nap I won’t be able to recover the lost sleep enough to function this week.

Liesl came in and napped with me.  I didn’t end up sleeping for all that long.  It was probably no more than two hours total but it helped a lot.

We ordered in sandwiches for dinner.  We needed to make our dinner quick and easy tonight.  No one has any extra energy.

Off to bed early this evening.  Even with the nap I am quite tired.

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