March 21, 2011: Brian’s Emergency

I was still quite tired when I got up this morning and went in to the office.  Nothing to interesting during the day.  For lunch Brian picked up me at work, we had been planning on having lunch today, and we ran up to Carrollton to meet Dominica and our contractor at Home Depot to do some final purchasing for the office that is being worked on today.  We ended up running to the house first and then over to Home Depot.

Brian was starting to feel pretty sick while we were at Home Depot.  He had not been feeling that had yesterday but not all that bad.  His morning had been really rough but he was mostly okay later in the morning but now, at Home Depot, he was really looking sick and he had decided that he did not want to get lunch with us.  So he went back to the house to take a nap and Dominica, Liesl and I went to IHOP after the shopping was done so that we could get some lunch.

Dominica took me back to work and then returned to the house to oversee the continued work on the office.  Today most of the new shelves and the secondary desk was put together.  The contractor ran out of paint and that kept things from getting finished which, unfortunately, means that it will take another week or two before we see him again.  We were this close to having the shelves done so that we could start putting all of the books away.  It often feels like we will never get there.  Even when it seems like there could not possibly be another stumbling block on this project, one appears.

I got home after work and discovered Brian really, really sick.  I had brought home sandwiches for Dominica and I and chicken noodle soup for Brian.  He couldn’t even eat it.  He did not want to go see the doctor but, after about an hour of Dominica and I seeing how sick that he was we decided that he just needed to go to the clinic and see a doctor.

So I drove Brian to the clinic that we use.  It was late and they were busy so we got there around nine.  While I waited for him I watched almost all of the movie Sky High which I have not seen in quite a while.  I forgot how much I enjoyed that movie, silly as it was.

The clinic sent us to the emergency room at Plano Presby because there was little that they could do.  So we drove over to Plano and spent the next three hours in the ER there.  An exciting Monday night to be sure.

Brian ended up not being nearly as bad as it had seemed but it was definitely a good thing that we went to the ER because it could have quickly become very bad indeed.  He is on a lot of medicine now and should be better in a few days.

It was late, very late, when we got back to the house.  Dominica was still awake but just barely.  Liesl had already gone to bed in our bed because she missed me.  It was probably three in the morning by the time that I managed to get off to sleep.  Eight hours since we started trying to deal with getting Brian in to see a doctor.  He is on a lot of steroids and will not likely be getting any actual sleep tonight.

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