March 23, 2011: Desktop Haul

Today is Dominica doctor’s appointment.  I went in to the office in the morning and then went down to the doctor’s to take care of Liesl while Dominica had her appointment.    It actually turned out to be a really fast appointment so we were out of there in no time.

For lunch we went over to Einstein Brother Bagel Cafe which we like down on MacArthur.  They do a good lox bagel, mostly like what I used to get back in Westchester.  Not too much good salmon down here in Texas.

Brian met us there and he and I went to check out a bulk desktop supplier that I recently discovered in the DFW.  That ended up being a great trip.  We got a chance to meet with the owner of the supply house and dealt with him directly.  We picked up ten dc5850 desktops all of which are as good as my own current desktop.  A very impressive haul indeed.  And a great price.  We are very happy.

Dominica continued with the painting today.  She got most of another coat of primer on.  The room is looking pretty good even though it is just primer and no real paint yet.  You can really see the house getting brighter.  Now I am excited about the idea of getting the rest of the house painted.  It will feel a lot bigger, brighter and more modern.

Nothing much doing tonight except for being at home and trying to get as much work done while hanging out with the family.

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