March 22, 2011: The Painting Begins

I worked from home this morning so that I could sleep in a little and help to deal with getting Brian’s prescriptions filled.  That ended up being an all morning project.  We did a few errands while out getting the meds.  We decided to hit the seafood cafe that is very close to the new house.   I have been looking at that place for a while and wanting to try it out but Dominica does not like to eat seafood when she is pregnant so I have not been able to go there to try it out yet.  So this worked out well today.

After getting lunch we went to Jack in the Box to get food for Dominica and took it back to the house for her.  While we were out she and Liesl went to the park to play for a while.  This is their new thing.  They have the park to themselves during the day and Liesl loves getting to go outside and play on the playground.  It is nice because we do not have very much of a yard and what we do have is pretty much full of stuff or needs to be manicured making it really hard for Liesl to get to use it right now.  So having the park so close works out really well.  They could walk there but do not.

Then it was off to the office for me.  Brian was still really sick this evening.  It’s going to take a while for this medicine to really help him out.

After work I went over to the Microsoft offices in Irving for the monthly SharePoint users group meeting with Souder, Watson and Maggie.  This month it was Pizza Hut pizza and Shiner beer.  Now this is how to do a users’ group!

I came home as soon as I could after the group.  I haven’t had a chance to make it out for the SharePint gathering that they do monthly after the users’ group meeting.  I definitely won’t make it next month.  One of these days.

Dominica started painting the “den” area today.  The original room was very dark with a deep burgundy paint that looked attractive but made the room feel like a cave.  At night it was really depressing and even during the day it was pretty dark even with four large windows to give it natural light.

The new colour is a light beige that will eventually match the rest of the house when we get that painted too.  At some point we are going to repaint the entire house top to bottom as all of the colours are too dark and dated and there are many patch jobs on the walls following all of the electrical work that has been done.

Once the room is painted the next step is painting the old, dark wood veneer cupboards to white.  That should modernize it considerably and really brighten it up.  At this stage we can’t really tell how the room will look when it is done but it was so dark that something had to be done.  Once the office is completed, this room is going to be emptied out for the first time since we moved in to this house and we will actually get to start using it.  We are pretty excited about that.  It will be like we magically gain two new rooms at once.  Like a fifteen percent growth in the size of our house all in one fell swoop.  It is hundreds of square feet of house that has been unusable for months.

Brian is still pretty sick tonight.

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