March 25, 2011: Watson’s Birthday Party

Tonight is Watson’s birthday party at La Cima so the plan is that we will be going there this evening.  Dominica and I have not been at La Cima in a while.  We have just been so busy with the baby coming and all of the house stuff.  Plus not being paid for a while made us attempt to pull back on the finances as much as possible.

I worked a normal day.  Quite busy.  After work I managed to get done early enough that I was able to run home, pick up Dominica, Liesl and Souder and then drive them back down to Irving to go to La Cima.  It is a bit of a pain doing that but it doesn’t actually take any extra driving and it lets us park more easily and get to and from the club easier since Dominica is not in any condition to really take care of rambunctious Liesl at this point.

Souder spent the afternoon in the emergency room again.  He was really in rough shape today but after an afternoon in the ER he is in much better shape this evening and was even able to go out to the club with us.

It worked out well for Dominica and I who had our monthly meals to use at La Cima.  It is nearly the end of the month and we had no other plans for how we were going to squeeze in our meals before it became April so that worked out rather well.

It was Souder, Dominica, Liesl, Watson and I along with Mo and Chris, two of Watson’s friends that we had not met previously.  They were waiting for us in the lounge but we went in to dinner pretty much right away.

For a Friday night it seemed rather slow at the club.  We had a great dinner.  As I am apt to do these days, I ordered off menu which threw our newcomers for a loop.  Chris even commented “I don’t even know how to order like that!”  The club lifestyle is beginning to show after a year of membership, I think.  Although it could be all of our “foodie” vacations to Disney World where we, as vegetarians, really learned how to eat outside of the bounds of the menu as well.  Eating at the club is not really unlike being in Disney World in many ways.

My dinner was excellent, probably the best meal that I have yet had at La Cima.  Pan fried striped bass with crab topping and an almond cream sauce or something like that.  It was excellent.  Everyone was quite jealous.

We had a really nice time out tonight.  It was a lot of fun.

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