March 26, 2011: No Electricians

This is one busy weekend for me.  I am continuing to work on a combination of storage and telephony projects that are sucking every waking minute out of the day.  At least now I am working from the new office.  It is far from being done but just being in here is a huge step.  Today is my first real day able to really take advantage of it.  I now have my good Snom deskphone to replace that awful Cisco excuse for a phone that I have been stuck with for a while.

My desk sits in the middle of the room still which is a bit of a pain but there is wall work to be done yet so that will remain for a while.

I had to work doing a SAN migration this morning so I was up pretty early, we started at eight.  I worked until eleven then Dominica, Liesl and I drove down to Mansfield to hang out with the family for a birthday party.  Brian is continuing to feel better today after his ER trip yesterday and is staying at the house to await the electricians who are scheduled to be wrapping up today.

We hung out with the family for about six hours.  Once Dominica gets into party mode it is hard to get her motivated to go back home but I have tons and tons of work needing my attention and don’t have the flexibility to take the day off, unfortunately.

So it was early evening when we got back home and discovered that the electricians never showed up.  What a pain.  They never, ever respond to email, phone, text…. nothing.  They never proactively tell us that they aren’t coming or when they might be coming.  I called and emailed over and over trying to find out why they weren’t there.  Even our general contractor could not find them.

So yet another week of work on the office skipped.  This will never get completed.

I spent the evening working and was decently productive.  There is a lot of work for me to do tomorrow, though.

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