April 10, 2011: Day Two of Phones

I got up this morning, showered and got on to the road to go pick up Brian in North Houston.  The drive is about an hour.  He was at Waffle House a while before I arrived.  I emailed ahead and had him order me a sandwich and coffee so that I could walk in, sit down, eat and be back out the door in five minutes.  It worked perfectly – everything was ready when I arrived and I am such a fast eater that it is hard to really be much more efficient.

We got over to the office where we were working on the PBX pretty early and got right to work.  It ended up being another warm day – quite a bit warmer than yesterday.  It was a long day too.  At least I had gotten some food before going in today.  Not having any breakfast was a bad idea yesterday.

Both yesterday and today we went to Chili’s for lunch.  They were really close and they cater to vegetarians which is pretty much unheard of these days in a national bar and grill chain – almost all of the others have eliminated anything that might possibly be used to feed a vegetarian from the menu.  Chili’s, however, actually has a special vegetarian menu and goes out of their way to welcome vegetarians.  I had not realized that they did this – as we have a Chili’s within walking distance at home I have a feeling that we will be eating there quite often now.

We finally got out around eleven in the evening.  What a long weekend.  We were really exhausted when we got done.

Before calling it a night, we went down to midtown Houston, about twenty miles from where we had been, to meet up with someone that I know from SpiceWorks (we had met previously at SpiceCorps Houston two years ago) for a few drinks at the neighbourhood bar down there.  I had never really been to midtown Houston before so that was interesting.  Nice to get to see the town considering how often I have been so close to it.

It was about one thirty when I drove Souder the twenty miles back up to North Houston.  It would have gone much, much faster had we not gotten trapped in the one way roads in downtown Houston that were all closed for construction.  We just drove and drove trying to find a way out.  That cost us twenty minutes, easily.

It was after three by the time that I finally got back to the Grice’s!  What a late night.

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