April 11, 2011: Snuggling with Liesl

I got to sleep in just a little bit this morning which I desperately needed after the last three days of not getting any sleep.

Today I am working from the Grices’.  I spent most of the day hold up in the new “entertainment room” working from my laptop.  Garrett stayed home today so that he and Liesl could spend the day playing together.

At lunch we got to go down to Waffle House together.

Liesl was very excited to have me around today.  For a while this morning she just sat on the arm chair beside me watching her shows.  All she wanted to do was snuggle.  She has not really seen me for two whole days.  She’s been asleep when I left and asleep when I returned.  She really missed me.

Late this afternoon, Dominica went shopping with Francesca while I stayed at the house working.  Liesl and Garrett both tooks naps while I was there working so that worked out fine.  Dominica returned just after they had woken up.

After work and as rush hour started to die down a little, we packed up and headed up to North Houston to get Brian.  Traffic was not too bad.  We had to meet him at the hotel then run over to the airport to drop off his rental car.  Then we headed over to the Chili’s that we have been eating at the last few days because Dominica wanted to get a veggie burger too – it turns out that this is Brian’s fourth time eating there this weekend!

After we ate we got on the road and drove north to Dallas.  It was a late night for us.  It was probably around two in the morning when we finally pulled into the house.  It was pretty warm in the house and the plants had a rough weekend without water.  I got right to watering them.  Hopefully they will perk up by tomorrow.

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