April 14, 2011: Eleven Days To Go

I had a long phone call early this morning and then drove in to the office.  For lunch today Brian and I had a meeting  up at La Cima.  This is my third time at the club just this week.  I definitely go in spurts.  We already know that we are coming here tomorrow for lunch too.  And, of course, we have our monthly meals left to use and we will be here for brunch next Sunday.

Both of the people that I had lunch with at the club today are thinking about joining the club seriously and took literature.  The club is in a major push to get membership up which would be nice – there is no doubt that it has been pretty slow as of late.  The economy has really been taking its toll on clubs of this nature.  All of them are hurting.

Spent the evening at home with the family.

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