April 13, 2011: Helen Highfield on Criminal Minds

So tonight my friend and Nate’s old student Helen Highfield is costarring on the CBS television drama Criminal Minds.  I’ve never seen the show before but will make a point of seeing it tonight.  Helen was on Law and Order SVU last year.  We don’t have any means of watching television from home so our plan is to watch the show from La Cima this evening.  What a funny thing to need the club for.

Work was work.  After nearly six years here, there isn’t very much in the way of news.  Especially as I am a permanent contractor.  It isn’t like I can get promoted or anything.  So there isn’t even office drama.

For lunch, Brian and I hit La Cima.  I needed a little relaxation.  I checked the price and, in reality, it costs no more for me to eat lunch at the club than going anywhere else for lunch.

After work I drove home, picked everyone up and we went out to La Cima.  We got there around seven and hung out in the lounge for a bit until it cleared down.  Pretty much everyone left the lounge right at eight so we ran over and snagged the television.  Normally we could use the television anytime that we wanted but Criminal Minds is not the type of show that you put on at the club – it’s not family friendly viewing.

Helen was on right at the beginning and was the first person killed off in the show so we did not have very long to watch.  She did a great job.  It is so cool getting to see people that you know on a major television show.

The club was super quiet tonight.  Just one other table in the lounge and they were not within sight of the television.  The dining room was almost empty so they closed up at eight this evening.

We ate in the lounge for pasta night which turned out to be a great idea because it gave Liesl a lot more freedom to run around and do her own thing.  She hung out on the couch with her iPad instead of sitting with us most of the evening and just ate from the coffee table.  She loved it.  And it was a lot let work for us.  She would run over to our table, get some food and leave.  She was so much more happy.  She never really enjoys sitting still at the table with all of the adults.

We don’t have much longer to use the club before the renovations begin in June.  We will probably go next week, then we go for Easter Brunch.  After that we have a new little baby and will not likely be at the club very often in May.  Then the renovations begin in June and the club is closed for a little while.  The timing is really pretty good for us since we would not be using the club during June very likely anyway.

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