April 18, 2011: One Week to Go…

Brian discovered that the weather is supposed to be really, really bad this week through the entire eastern half of the country.  So rather than waiting until the end of the week he is going to make an attempt at escaping Texas much earlier.  Maybe tomorrow but it sounds like it is going to be more like Wednesday morning.  Just too much to do for him to be able to leave by tomorrow.

Brian got addicted to doing website design today and did that all day.  This evening we ordered the new rack and UPS for my home office.  We had to give up on the full sized, 42U server cabinet because it turned out that it was going to be too long to fit into the server room.  That is too bad.  I was really looking forward to having that.  However, it is going to save a fortune not to have it so, in the end, getting the 25U rack is a far more sensible option.  Not nearly as cool, but sensible.  Everything should be able to be picked up at the warehouse tomorrow.

This evening, Dominica wanted to go out on a date so she, Liesl and I (leaving Brian behind) went to BJ’s Brew House which we have heard about a bit but have not been to ourselves.  It is over in Addison and is a popular semi-local chain.  There are a few near us.  The food was very good as was the beer.  We were really glad that we tried them out.  It was really nice to get out, just us, for a change.  Liesl had a really good time but had a breakdown as we were leaving and it ended up being a really rough night with her.  We have decided that we are misreading her sleepy signs and need to put her to bed much earlier than we are realizing.

I can’t believe that we will have a new baby in less than a week!

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