April 19, 2011: Six Days to Go

We are now under a week to the new baby.  Now things really start happening quickly!

Not too much to report from the day today.  At lunch today Brian and I hit the warehouse and picked up the APC SmartX 1500 UPS unit that will power the house as well as the 25U four post rack to hold my server gear.  This is some seriously heavy stuff.

I went back to work and Brian spent the afternoon assembling gear.  There is a lot to be done tonight.  He is leaving for Philadelphia first thing in the morning.  He hopes to be on the road around three thirty!

I got home and we spent the whole evening working on the office.  Putting that rack together proved to be quite the challenge in the small space that we have to work and with Liesl trying to “help” as much as possible.  Not hurting her was as much work as assembling the thing.  It took most of the evening.

We got the rack together, the UPS mounted and the first server mounted into it.  Then it was time to get Brian ready to go.  I had a lot of other work to do so he mostly did that himself.  There was a lot of desktop coordination to do as he is shipping a lot of stuff on this drive.

It was very late, maybe two in the morning, when everyone finally made it to bed.  I am very excited to finally have the server room about ready to be used.  Dominica is excited because it means that we can actually start cleaning the house.

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