April 24, 2011: One Day to Go

Dominica and I have been up pretty early each of the last two days.  This is good since tomorrow we have to be up really, really early to get to the hospital.  Our brunch seating at La Cima is at ten thirty this morning and with this many people (thirteen) to get showered, dressed, loaded into cars and driven over there we need some serious time to pull this all off.  Everyone was up around seven and it was still a bit of a challenge to be out the door by ten.

We actually arrived early, a miracle for us.  Brunch was awesome at La Cima as always.  The food was excellent and the selection was really broad.  The crab cakes eggs benedict was a particular favourite.  There were balloon animals and face painting for the kids and little Easter goodie buckets.  It was very nice.  All of the kids seemed to have a good time.

After we ate it was time to go down on to the lawn for an Easter egg hunt.  There was a special area for the two and under crowd.  Liesl and Garrett both did very well running around collecting Easter eggs.  They had practice since they both did it at the house this morning before we left.

We came back home and now we are on the “cruising into the delivery” mode.  That was our final pre-baby activity.  Now it is time to relax and get ready to go to the hospital early tomorrow morning.  I went in to the office and worked all evening trying to get everything possible done and out of the way so that there is nothing hanging over my head tomorrow.  All of my out of offices are set and no one is expecting to hear from me.  My email mailboxes are effectively empty.  The bills have been paid.  We should be in good shape.

Dominica went to bed around nine.  I did closer to eleven.  The iPhone is depleted and plugged in so I should have a full charge for tomorrow.

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