April 23, 2011: Two Days to Go

I spent the morning working, actually there turned out to be quite a bit of work needing my attention, while a ton of baking was going on in the kitchen.  Dominica was forced to spend the morning relaxing on the couch and not moving – which she really needed after all of the exertion the last few days.  It turns out, however, that the girls were planning a secret baby shower (or diaper drop, really) for her and did not want her to know, which is pretty hard to do in her own house.  But they pulled it off.  Francesca and Brittany would sneak into my office to hide cupcakes on the servers.

The party was at noon.  Liesl kind of felt that the party must be for her as all parties at her house are for her.  She had a very good time, though.  She especially enjoyed the blow up bounce house that Debbie brought over.  At one point Liesl made me stay outside with her for about an hour all by myself just so that she could play in it.  She didn’t care if the other kids were there or not.  She had a blast.  Dominica thinks that we might need to get one for her, she liked it that much.

I drove Dominica’s mother and Emily out to the Verizon store this evening as mom’s cell phone is broken (HTC Droid Incredible, it just reboots continuously) and she needed to get it fixed.  It turned out that they could not fix it or do anything to help her even though it was a very well known Android update issue with the Incredible that broke it.  I was eligible for an upgrade and getting her a smartphone, even one she didn’t like, would have been well over three hundred dollars and a good one over four hundred.  So we decided that she would get my BlackBerry Tour temporarily until she was eligible for an upgrade and that I would take the opportunity to go to the iPhone 4 since my eligibility had already come up.

Dominica has been bugging me to get a new phone for a while as the BlackBerry doesn’t do what we need and has been having horrible battery issues which makes it nearly useless for us since I am nearly always without a working phone (BlackBerrys have the major issue that their radios turn off about halfway through their battery life so running them down in order to recharge them means going nearly a day without a phone and then all the time to charge them!)  So this is the perfect time to have a new iPhone.  I need the battery life and battery behaviour for emergencies and coordination with the new baby plus the better camera, ability to reliably Twitter and FourSquare,  and just generally to communicate.

The house was a pretty big disaster post-party and everyone was exhausted.  For dinner we ordered in sandwiches from Joe’s, same as we did late last night.  Everyone really enjoys their Italian subs – very authentic.

We got Liesl’s “television”, the 46″ LCD, hooked up in the living room tonight so that people could watch something.  Francesca went out in to the garage and dug out the Playstation 3 that was lost out there so that we could hook something to the television.  Netflix is not working there, though, as the Platstation Network has been hacked and is no longer working.  It has been down for days.  So everyone watched The Sorceror’s Apprentice on BluRay since it was what we had on hand.

Obviously most of my evening was spent getting the new phone set up and working.  I think that I have just about everything working on it tonight.  I will test it heavily tomorrow at La Cima for brunch and try to run it down throughout the day so that I can have it at 100% when we go to the hospital.

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