April 3, 2011: Another House Day

Lots to be done still at home.  We have only a few real days left before the baby comes to get anything done around the house.  It maybe be three weeks from tomorrow officially but in those three weeks we know that we have one family birthday party in Mansfield and three full days to spend in Houston.  The final weekend we have Dominica’s family visiting.  So that leaves, after today, just one weekend day free before the baby arrives!  Let me repeat that for everyone who didn’t hear – only one free weekend day left!

This week is mostly a normal work week.  On Friday night Dominica, Liesl, Brian and I are heading down to Houston for three days.  Then another normalish week followed by the crazy weekend of trying to get the house into its final shape for the baby.  Then the week where we get Brian out the door and the Tocco clan descends upon Carrollton.

For lunch today we ran out and got some Denny’s.  We got back and I spent the afternoon working for the office.  Once that was done, it was back to other project work.  Boy there is a lot to do.

Brian got a bit more done on the house this weekend.  We are getting closer and closer to getting the office in to order.  Now if only someone who was supposed to be working on it would show up.

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