April 4, 2011: Three Weeks to Go

Today is the three week mark.  Baby Miller is scheduled to arrive at seven thirty in the morning, twenty one days from today!  This is the home stretch.  We are almost there.

When we were pregnant with Liesl, it seemed like we were so much more involved in the soon to be arriving baby.  Maybe that was because we were scrambling to get a new home (the Peekskill house), get a nursery ready, get basic baby supplies, etc.  There was a lot more to be done and so many unknowns – we were reading new parenting books and stuff like that, going to birthing classes, etc.

This time things are very casual.  We already have our home.  The nursery is basically ready.  We already know what to do.  There is little unknown about the date – yes the baby could come early but that is quite unlikely.  We know exactly when everyone is coming in to town, where they are staying and what days we will be expected to be in the hospital.  Dominica’s pregnancy is seeming to be much easier this time too.  We are only really just now getting to the point where we really can tell that she is even pregnant.

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