April 27, 2011: Luciana Comes Home

I got up early this morning and got as much work done as I could before running in to the hospital at nine thirty to help Dominica and Luciana with getting discharged.  Liesl stayed at home with Dominica’s parents.  It would have been horrible if they had not been home as it would have just been way too much work to try to deal with everything while taking care of Liesl too.

I had to stop at CVS on the way and pick up Dominica’s prescription and then, it turned out, I was quite early so I stopped at Einstein Bagel Bros. for a quick breakfast.  The manager recognized me and asked where the family was because he is used to all three of us coming in after Dominica’s OB/GYN appointments for Luciana.  So we had a whole long conversation about kids as he as four boys of his own and it is quite a struggle for him to get time with them too and make it to work every day.

I was early enough still at the hospital that I was able to take all of Dominica’s stuff to the car and get ready for her to get done with her discharge class that she was taking from ten until eleven.  She took Luciana with her to the class so I had little to do once the car was packed except to play Trade Nations on my iPhone.  Boy am I loving having an iPhone.

I spoke to my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Leo this morning.  They were in Bard, New Mexico when I first spoke to them and they were on their way towards Carrollton.  That is a pretty long drive so they were expecting to arrive sometime late this evening.

It took about forty five minutes from the time that Dominica got done with class until we were released.  But that was not too bad.  Dominica was not moving too quickly anyway.  Her incision is still really hurting her.

It was around twelve thirty when we arrived back at the house.

I spent the afternoon working in the office, for the most part, while Dominica rested in the living room and her parents played with the children.

It was around six this evening when Sharon and Leo arrived at their hotel in Addison, not too far away.  They went to the hotel and then came over to the house an hour or so later to see Luciana.

Not long after Sharon and Leo arrived, Dominica’s parents drove over to Chili’s for dinner while the rest of us hung out at the house.  They brought dinner back with them for everyone else.

It was an early night for everybody, Dominica is exhausted and everyone else is traveling tomorrow.  I have to leave the house at eight tomorrow morning to take Dominica’s parents to the airport so that they can head back home.

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