April 28, 2011: Luciana’s First Full Day at Home

Last night was a really rough one for Dominica and I.  The entire family attempted to pile in to mommy and daddy’s room with Luciana in a bassinet at the side of the bed and Liesl trying to sleep in the middle.  That did not last long.  We went for about an hour of Luciana not letting us sleep at all before we decided that Liesl just had to go to her own room – she was not able to get to sleep at all and there was so much activity going on that she was quite far from being asleep and just talking and talking.  When I finally carried her over to her own bed and tucked her in she was actually quite happy to be able to go to sleep.  So, in reality, that did not work out so badly.

Overall we got just about no sleep last night. There were stretches where we got an hour or so but that was about it.  It was a long, hard night.  Dominica was in a ton of pain trying to get up from lying down so she thinks that she is going to skip attempting to sleep in a bed after this.  Just not worth it.  Especially right now as Luciana just needs continuous attention during the night.

I “got up” before seven and at eight we were off to the airport with Dominica’s parents.  That was a quick trip.  On the way home I swung into Walgreens and grabbed some Ibuprofen for Dominica’s pain and then hit Jack in the Box to pick up breakfast for the family.  Today I tried getting Jack in the Pack silver dollar pancakes.  The pancakes ended up being a hit and Liesl just loves them.  She even likes to eat them cold and without syrup.  Hard to believe.

My aunt and uncle came over before I made it back and visited for the morning.  For lunch we left Dominica and Luciana to nap, if possible, and we took Liesl and drove down to La Cima for lunch.  They really liked it there.  We were really late so the place was empty in the dinning room.

Once we returned from lunch Dominica and I had to scramble to get the kids ready so that we could take Luciana to her first pediatric appointment up in Frisco.  So Sharon and Leo decided to get on the road as they are headed for Missouri.  Today they get to experience the joy that is driving across Oklahoma.

Luciana’s appointment went okay.  There is definite concern over her level of jaundice so they did a blood test and we will get results of that tonight.  Her weight is down quite significantly too so their is concern that she is not getting enough nourishment so we are going to have to start supplementing with formula and Dominica will have to take measures so that we are able to measure how much food Luciana is intaking.

We came home and I worked for the evening.  Nothing too eventful tonight.  We just stayed home and relaxed with the kids.  Boy is it weird to have “kids” rather than “kid.”  It is no longer Liesl, it is a “they”.  In some ways, having a second child is just as weird as having the first.

The blood test came back and Luciana is not too bad but she is going to need a lot of sunlight and careful monitoring.

Tonight Dominica and Luciana are sleeping in the living room.  Liesl in her own room (from the very beginning) and Oreo and I have the master bedroom to ourselves.  We are hoping that this means that everyone will have a better night.

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