April 29, 2011: Luciana Day Two at Home

Last night was much, much better with Dominica and Luciana sleeping out in the living room.  Dominica had a much easier time and I only had to go out and help when she called me (yes, she would call me on the cell phone.)  Getting a halfway decent night’s sleep helped a lot and Dominica is feeling tons better today with having to have gone through a full night of getting up and down from a prone position over and over.

Francesca and the Grice kids were supposed to be coming up from Houston this afternoon to spend the weekend with us but Francesca found out this afternoon that Clara has pneumonia and so they are not able to be around Luciana.  Dominica is really depressed as we have been so busy with the kids and had been planning on having pretty much continuous family help but now have no way for anyone to come see us until dad arrives in two weeks.  This is going to be rough.  Even if Clara gets better right away they won’t be cleared to be around Luciana until after it is too late for next weekend too.  We are starting to worry a little bit about our ability to take care of work and the kids all by ourselves.

For dinner this evening we knew that we needed to use our La Cima meals so when we finally decided what we wanted to do I called down to La Cima to see if it was too late to place an order.  They were completely busy tonight and needed forty-five minutes to even look at the order.  So I just drove down to Las Colinas and went to the club to order and wait there.  I got dinner and drove it back home.  It was around nine when I arrived there so probably ten thirty by the time that I was able to get home and we were able to eat our dinners.

Dominica is still sleeping in the living room tonight with Luciana while Oreo and I sleep in the bedroom.

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