May 11, 2011: Dad Returns to Texas

Medifast Status: Day 9, Down ~9.5 lbs

Today dad is traveling down from New York to Texas to come see Luciana and Liesl.  He left first thing this morning and should be arriving at DFW just after lunch.

I went in to the office this morning and worked through lunch so that I would be able to go get dad from the airport.  It wasn’t a really busy day so it will be good for coordinating the trips to and from DFW.

I checked the online flight status and dad was actually scheduled to arrive half an hour early so I left the office around a quarter to two and headed out to the airport.  During the drive from Irving to DFW it went from a light sprinkle to a heavy downpour.  No fun.  Driving was not good at all, very low visibility and a lot of hydroplaning.  It took forever to get to the airport.

I sat outside for a while looking for dad.  Eventually I decided to go in and see what was going on as I was getting no information on my iPhone.  I parked and ran in through the pouring rain.

The boards at DFW listed dad’s flight as still being on time even though it was already very late.  I called Dominica and she tried to look up online what was happening but there was no information.  I found someone who worked for Delta and they informed me that the flight had just been rerouted to Austin (without explanation as to why all published information about the flight was incorrect) and that he was not expected to arrive back in the DFW until around eight thirty tonight!

So I went back to the office and eventually dad was able to call me from Austin to fill me in on the current flight status.  They really have no idea when they might get to Dallas.

I worked at the office following Delta’s online status update hoping that the information was somewhat correct this time.  The flight seemed to be coming into Dallas near the end of the day so I stayed late to see what would happen.  It seemed a bit more efficient than heading home just to turn around and head back out again.

It was around six thirty, I believe, when dad was finally on the ground.  I was able to zip right in, pick him up and head back to the house to get the girls.  We decided to go out and do pasta night at La Cima tonight since we were all starving and this is the best night to go up to enjoy the club.  Watson was already up there before we even left the airport.

Tonight was lobster cream and the second week of the new pasta night special feature entry which is really nice.  Everyone thought that the lobster cream was excellent.  It was a beautiful night too.  After the rain there were some amazing rainbows out over the city of Dallas.

I couldn’t enjoy pasta night, of course, which sucked.  I love my Wednesday night pasta.  Instead I had grilled salmon on a salad which was really excellent.  Chris really knows how to do fish the way that I like it.

We hung out for a while and just enjoyed being at the club.  It was, as Wednesdays often are, very slow.  We had the lounge to ourselves and both girls were perfectly behaved.  It was really easy bringing them out for the evening.

After dinner we were off home for the evening.  We all pretty much went straight to bed.  Dad had a really long day.


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