May 12, 2011: Liesl has Papa Back

Medifast Status: Day 10, Down ~10 lbs

Good progress on the diet, even with going out to eat at the club again last night.  Averaging one pound per day for ten days is not bad at all. I sure wish that I could keep this up for the long term.  This diet would go by in no time at all.

Today is dad’s first full day in Texas.  Yesterday was six months, to the day, from the last time that he traveled down to Texas.

It was a busy day at the office today.  I went home for lunch and we just ate at the house.  Then it was back to work.  Dad has been very busy playing with Liesl all morning.  Liesl is very, very excited to have her papa back and demands every available second of his time (and a little more.)

Just a relaxing evening at home tonight.

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