May 18, 2011: Dad Returns to New York

Medifast Status: Day 16, Down ~15.5 lbs

This morning was my first “up” fluctuation on my wait.  Probably just the error margin of the cheap bathroom scale that I am using each day.  Nothing to be concerned about.  I hope.  I don’t feel any differently today so I’m hoping that that means that I am continuing to burn calories about the same that I was doing so previously.

I got up fairly early today.  I have been doing this a lot recently as Luciana likes to wake me up around five thirty to six each day.  At that point I might as well just get up.  Getting only three to five hours of sleep each night has to be negatively impacting my ability to lose weight.  You lose the most weight when getting a proper amount of sleep.

I worked from home until a quarter after ten when dad and I drove out to go to the airport.  From there I drove in to the office.

I managed to get home at a pretty decent hour today and spent the evening with the family.

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