May 17, 2011: Dad’s Last Day in Texas

Medifast Status: Day 15, Down ~16 lbs

Today is dad’s last day in Dallas.  He is flying back home tomorrow morning.  At least I was home on Sunday and he and I were able to take that class together yesterday.

Dad and Dominica are just staying home today to hang out with the girls.  I’m at the office all day.

Dad did some testing of our electric in the house which has been tripping my APC UPS over and over again and discovered that we have an open ground throughout the entire house.  Just great.  Our electric is never going to be in order, I swear.

I called OnCor and they came out this evening but said that this time the issue was inside of the house, not at the street like it was in January.  So I called our electricians to get them to come out and take a look since they have not even finished with the work that they were supposed to have done months ago yet.  They can’t make it out until tomorrow or the next day, they say.  We will see when they actually arrive.

I was stuck working on the phone for a while this evening.  When that was done we ate at home and spent the evening visiting.  I’ll be working from home tomorrow morning until I take dad to the airport.

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